Second thoughts… capital punishment in India

We’ve recently heard about a dramatic success that took part in India, where a group of 4 to 6 man (depending on the source) violated a 23 year old student to death.

Afterwards, they were sentenced to capital punishment, meaning hanged (depending on the source) to death.

This decision created many turbulences, there were people who thought it was fair justice, others thought there was no need to kill them, just to keep them in a dark jail for the rest of their miserable lives, others said they could be reentered into society after some period of psycological treatment and social work…

In my opinion, it was a cheap reward for some bastards like those, who deserved something way worse than that: they were caught violating a woman, and killer her afterwards, so there are no misinterpretations, they just deserve the worst. So at least they should have been turtured and driven to a painful slow death, instead of getting hanged.

I know my position may sound like it’s driven by emotions, but I feel some actions need their severe punishment, as long as there’s an absolute proof that the culprit really did that action.

Just a way of thinking, though.


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