After hours of hard studying…

Today, shall I confess, has been one of the days I’ve devoted myself more to study. Same as yesterday. Still don’t know why, but also those two last days I’ve been sleeping much less than usuall, because of unrelated stuff.

To clarify, I’m at my 4th year of physics degree, which means hard-as-hell subjects with tiny passing probabilities. Even though, after some long 48h of nearly continued studying, my head feels unable to keep it on. Can’t understand why.

Not that my will has fallen or anything like that, it’s just that I’m absolutely unable to continue stuying, every time I try, my mind just stops working, till I decide to wander around doing something that does not imply specific thinking.

Also, an outsanding sensation of not having achieved a single thing in those last 2 days keeps orbiting around my head, and saying: “48 hours of your life lost… you should be doing something less stressing…. like playing video games for the rest of your miserable life…” of course, I won’t fall for temptation till I end my exams, but the thought is still there, wandering around.

Well, that’s what I wanted to say, that a tired head is just unable to work properly when you demand it.


Gonna eat something and retry my efforts to put this tired system into hardworking mode again šŸ™‚


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