Rolling around

Yeah, maybe rolling around isn’t the most gramatically correct term I can use, but that’s what I’m about to do at any second from now… Really! I’ve been here studying since… 7AM, and now, more than 3 hours later, I’m about to commit suicide… else this or I’m gonna throw myself to the floor and start rolling around the library till I’m dead tired.

Just like this cat I found at another blog:

I’m just amazed at how cats can be so much … cats.

I mean , they’re fearsome hunters, and at the same time they spend most of their life sleeping and licking their own balls …they get pet when they want to get pet, they eat when they want to eat, and they scratch you whenever and wherever something feels like so.

Sometimes I can’t but wander if they really are a superior race from space, which initially planned to exterminate us all, but since they found out we’re the perfect slaves, they just live peacefully with us:

It was weird to have a post without cats… someday I’ll post some photos of mine 🙂

and yeah… I should be studying… I’ll go back to it in a second…. right after I take a little break to do something completely unrelated and unnecessary like it’s … having a coffe, or eating,… or petting a cat, if I find one near.


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