Virtual Reality

Lately I’ve been reading tons of literature (and manga πŸ˜› ) talking about Virtual Reality…

if you deeply think about it, it’s just such an incredible theme to talk about! the oportunity to create a parallel world, where everything can be done… people may then tend to forget about the real one, which may ultimately fall into oblivion… well, conspirationists said this is what was gonna happen with the internet at the middle 90’s, and they where just half wrong! πŸ™‚

To fully interact with one’s mind , in order to fully manipulate our sensations, and move our reality (in fact, what we feel as reality is nothing more, nothing else, that what we feel via our sensitive nerves) into a complete different dimension, where you can have political issues discussed, massive conferences, hunt dragons, and even have your little virtual farm, close where people starving can be saved by liking them! πŸ™‚

whatever, I found today a book worth reading, at least that’s my opinion after reading less than 20 pages of it! It’s called: Ready Player One

I’m quite sure Virtual Reality will give lot’s to talk about on the following years, hope we can have something real about it to talk about soon!

Keep pushing!


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