Alpaca dream

This past night I dreamed I was an alpaca.

With my alpaca stomach empty, I went to the countryside, to eat some grass during a good while.

6 hours later, dead tired (it’s quite hard to eat grass, even if your teeth are specially designed for it!) I went back to my alpaca bed, and made a fluffy fall on it (since I was an alpaca, the falling was kinda fluffy, so no damage)

and I woke up, feeling quite tired. That’s it.

Now some know-it-all might say: hey, if you dream of being al alpaca, it means that you feel fat, or that it’s already time for you to start spitting on those you don’t like.

You know? I’d really like to spit onto these kind of guys face, alpaca-style! What the hell do they know about why I dream what I dream? come on!

That’s it 🙂


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