Valentine’s Day

Historically, Valentine’s day has had deep connections with love since the 14th century. Nowadays, it’s used to commemorate the love from a couple via poems, chocolate or little gifts.

Reading The Name of the Wind, you learn that you can get a girl’s heart with a combination of 7 words, which changes from one person to the other, and it’s not the same at every situation. Knowing this, I said to myself: “hey! why not creating a poem, made of 7 verses, with 7 words each?” And so I did.

I made it for one gorgeous girl in particular, the one who trully has my heart, yet it’d be nice for other people to make use of it, since it would mean they approve it ๐Ÿ™‚

Here it goes:


Ever since the first day we met

We know we’re bound to be together

As if we were born as one

Just like the flower needs the river

That I need you by my side

Wish someday your warmth’ll bless my dreams

Since I love you, my dear Valentine


Enjoy the day!


Maybe abandoned, maybe forgotten

Nowadays technology advances way faster than we can predict, imagine or follow, which makes us forget some little things that may still be useful nowadays, even have smartphones, high-speed internet, all of our information on the cloud, etc

One of the things I find useful, maybe oldfashioned, maybe hipster, even, is a little notebook. A REAL notebook, not a digital one. Some little blank agenda where you can write everything that comes through your mind, which you can have inside your pocket, and usually requires less space than an smartphone.

Why this? let me explain ๐Ÿ™‚

Since digital cameras first appearence, people has gotten the habit of taking loads of useless photos, which will be seen … maybe once, maybe twice, and most of them will be forgotten afterwards.

Nowadays people takes photos, puts them on facebook/twitter/other-social-media-web basically starving from some attention from those who can spend some time on it, and maybe put a simple “like” on it, or a tiny comment, expressing … nothing really. The point is: most of those photos will never be seen again, because of the simple fact that by the time you would look at them again, there will be tons more on the net! You simply don’t have time to look at all of them.

It’s not a bad thing, as I usually say, it just depends on what use you make of it.

Back to my point. Last December, I went with some friends to visit another one, 600km away (500miles), and we decided to write every interesting thing that happened during this time we were out, down in a little notebook. Well then, we filled it up, and now we have a proof of what we did, when we did it, and how it went, without having to take tons of useless photos!

Of course we took some photos, too! but that’s not the point!

Many times, when you’re just doing random stuff, and a great idea comes to you mind, it might be good to write it down somewhere, instead of letting it go, and vanish into nothing.

Notebooks are usefull, that’s it ๐Ÿ™‚ since they distinguish themselves from the digital world, where information can be provided in such quantity that it tends to lose it’s own importance.

Some brief point on what old-fashioned stuff should be saved from the new digital globalisation ๐Ÿ™‚

Science & facts vs faith

There are a bunch of concepts I want to put into words, but since it’s not an easy thing to do, I’ll ask for forgiveness before getting started.

Descartes, around the 1625, developed theย hyperbolical/metaphysical doubt method, also referred to asย methodological skepticism, which is based on the rejection of any concept that can’t be irrefutably proven, creating, this way, a well-funded knowledge.

Science nowadays has been based on this theory: if any theorem created can be experimentally disproven, it’s authomatically wrong. At the same time, no being proved wrong doesn’t mean it’s absolutely right, it’s just means we’ll consider it temporary right.

many scientist nowadays, though, think that whatever can’t be explained by science doesn’t exist, or it’s basically fiction or a lie. This is, in my opinion, a wrong point of view.

Same goes for those who accept eyes-closed completely impossible theories that can explain everything, no matter how inconsistent it is (*ehem* 90% of the religions).

Between those 2 paths, there’s a middle one, which I would like to explain:

Imagine we have a proof of something, but science can’t explain it. Just to clarify: it has to be a REAL proof, not something some unknown person dead 1500 years ago wrote on a book, since if we could take this as a proof, in 1500 years people would gladily belive dragons existed on earth, and basically we humans are alive thanks to a little hobbit aided by an elf, a dwarf, a mage and the king of Gondor… absurd right? tell this to the majority of mankind.

Back to my point. For anyone that has meaningly deepened the world of science, there’s a limit. There’s a top, ahead of which we don’t know absolutely anything, basically because we haven’t reached that point YET. And this limit it’s not as far as many people might think, in fact, it’s pretty close to the everyday world. It’s true we can create magnificient devices that allow us to be connected with each other 24/7, but at the same time we’re unable to reproduce the movement of 4 particles anallitically, or know precisely what the weather will be tomorrow.

Now to my example: CHI ย (sometimes referred to as Ki, Qi,…)

I’ve been practicing martial arts for a good while now, and I’ve felt, and used, and practiced the chi. Yeah, it’s a real thing. And as a physicist I can’t ensure it can’t be explained by modern physics.

Obviously, chi is not a matter of spiritual energies flowing across the universe through your body to enlighten anything. Nor it’s your spirit, nurtured by years of meditation connecting two worlds. It’s just a matter of classical mechanics. The problem is, the human body is way too complex for this to be explain easily by the formulas we’ve known till now.

Since it’s not possible for this to be explained by modern physics, it needs a name, and Chi is just fine. I don’t belive in spiritual worlds connecting with us, or weird energies flowing through our bodies, same as I don’t belive that some superior being controlls my existence, though I know for sure science hasn’t reached it’s limit, in fact, we barely know a thing about our Universe, hence, if someone comes up with a theory for something that still hasn’t been proved, why looking for a new name, if there’s already one?

Everyone knows how it is to be in the white part or the black one, but interesting things always happen in between ๐Ÿ˜‰

a last image that made me laugh today ๐Ÿ˜‰

Remember that there are way too many religions in this world, and at most only one can be true. Considering this, what’s the probability that yours is the correct one? and what’s the probability that none of them are?


Today it hasn’t been a good day, hence I’ll use that as inspiration to write down something I’ve been thinking for ages but never really dared to write down:

we should create Coliseums again.

Yeah, you’ve read it well, Coliseums, like in ancient Rome.

Oh come on! think about it for a brief moment:

People fighting each other to death, people betting on them, spectacle here and there, world championships, marketing…

Everyone knows, if there could be Coliseums, they would sell way more than football or than any other sport.

Who would participate on that?

Anyone who feels like it! for example =D

this way, you would ensure everybody that goes there has deeply thinked about it, and accepts it’s own destiny.

With a high trophy, they would become a real sensation.

Of course, you should violate some basic Human Rights there… and ONG’s and stuff wouldn’t look at it with good eyes… but they would give people some REAL fun!

back in ancient Rome, people didn’t live better than us, but still, they did some stuff way better than us. One thing they did better was entertaintment.

I don’t think there’s anyone that really belives that Pressing&Catch is real… it’s obviously overacted! Yet people pay to watch it! Why?? because it’s pure violence! same as MMA!

Controlled violence would move way more money than football, car races and stuff!

Again, that’s just my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

Tomorrow… what if murder was legal?

Martial Arts and Sports

My intention was to create a “top5 things” post, talking about martial arts, but I’ll save it for the next update, since I felt it would be wrong to write it before clearing something to the world, or at least to this particular number of people who would like to spend some of their time to read it.

First of all, mostly of it it’s just my opinion, but in this case I’m more than 3sigma sure (around 99,9%) that it’s the reality, no matter how people want to change it to put it in nicer words, or to get it sell better. Let me explain:

There’s a HUGE difference between Martial Arts and Sports, and, by no means, are related one with each other.

Martial Arts come from a long tradition, passed through generations, and are not only a bunch of techniques arranged so they can look fancy on a TV show or a movie.

When someone practices Martial Arts, they don’t just train techniques, there’s also a great deal of psychology, meditation, personal improvement and maturement that come along with it. One thing the world should understand (and that it did, but so long ago it was already forgiven) is that Martial Arts are not violence.

It may seem weird, but martial artists don’t seek violence, on the contrary, they train to avoid it. If you, by anyhow, don’t understand this last statement, please, go to any dojo where they practice a “traditional” martial art, such as Aikido, Iaido, Budo Taijutsu, Japanese Jiu Jitsu, traditional Karate, any style of Kung Fu,… and you’re going to understand this statement quite more!

Having <no violence> as a paradigm, an obvious question arises: Then how come there are competitions?

Oh please! there lies the difference: there are no competitions among martial arts! the closes you’ll find are Kata competitions, where people demonstrate one each other who has the greatest technique, but not by fighting, but exhibiting.

“but karate, taekwondo, boxing, muay thai, mma,… all these compete without violence, because they do it in a competitive way”

keep on lying to yourselves, it may be fun.

Now take a deep breath and think: at what point, putting a couple of people at a ring so they can hit one each other till they’re tired is not violence?

The basis of their training is not the personal completition, the growing of your inner self in order to become a better person, across the way of the martial arts… their objective is just to win a prize, and so they train for it, there’s no deeper meaning.

There’s also another separated theme, which is SelfDefense, where generally they teach you how to use your violence towards the “enemy”, a great example would be Krav Maga, a self defense system based on applied violence in order to solve the situation.

I’ll put here 3 links, in order to show you what I just described above: one from a Karate Tournament, from a Krav Maga Training, and from a Iaido show

From these videos you’ll see the difference in each of the styles. Everything shown here is: Iaido as a Martial Art, Karate as a sport, and Krav Maga as a self-defense system, please, don’t mix them up.

One last phrase people say over and over: “but Iaido won’t solve a real problem if you’re in the street and get attacked, since you won’t be always carrying a katana”

I’ll put 3 different answers to that:

1st ) Do you really think people who practice martial arts do it only in case they get attacked on the street?

2nd) When you’ve practiced for long enough, there won’t be a fight in which you’ll take part, since the fight won’t even start

3rd) In case the fight start, since you’ll have trained long enough, you won’t need a katana, my friend.

Again, if you don’t belive me (which you’re free to do), I’d strongly recommend you to look for a good dojo and try something there. 8 years ago I did, and still today is one of the best decisions I’ve ever taken.

This post is taking a little bit too long, really, I could be talking about this for ages, but I’ll stop here, maybe, if people ask strongly enough, I’ll continue it in a close future ๐Ÿ™‚


Oh yeah! one last sentence, and that’s really the end ๐Ÿ™‚ :

if you plan to learn self defence, think it quietly:

want to learn how to transmit your violence, and be able to defend from nearly everything in a fast and effective way in a matter of months? take self-defense courses and try stuff like Krav Maga

want to train you body, compete with others and learn a way more effective way to defend from nearly everything that can appear in front of you, in a matter of a few years? take an sport based on a martial art (karate, taekwondo, muay thai,…)

want to train you body and soul, dominate it till unimaginable limits and even further, and become someone able to overcome any situation that appears in front of you, even if it’s non-related to the martial arts world? try something traditional, like Iaido (as shown), or Aikido, or any of the listed! there’re plenty to choose! but know that: it’s a long and difficult way, at first it won’t seem like you’re achieving anything, but it’s growing it’s exponential, you’ll only need patience and tenacity to keep it up till the end.

Virtual Reality

Lately I’ve been reading tons of literature (and manga ๐Ÿ˜› ) talking about Virtual Reality…

if you deeply think about it, it’s just such an incredible theme to talk about! the oportunity to create a parallel world, where everything can be done… people may then tend to forget about the real one, which may ultimately fall into oblivion… well, conspirationists said this is what was gonna happen with the internet at the middle 90’s, and they where just half wrong! ๐Ÿ™‚

To fully interact with one’s mind , in order to fully manipulate our sensations, and move our reality (in fact, what we feel as reality is nothing more, nothing else, that what we feel via our sensitive nerves) into a complete different dimension, where you can have political issues discussed, massive conferences, hunt dragons, and even have your little virtual farm, close where people starving can be saved by liking them! ๐Ÿ™‚

whatever, I found today a book worth reading, at least that’s my opinion after reading less than 20 pages of it! It’s called: Ready Player One

I’m quite sure Virtual Reality will give lot’s to talk about on the following years, hope we can have something real about it to talk about soon!

Keep pushing!