Maybe abandoned, maybe forgotten

Nowadays technology advances way faster than we can predict, imagine or follow, which makes us forget some little things that may still be useful nowadays, even have smartphones, high-speed internet, all of our information on the cloud, etc

One of the things I find useful, maybe oldfashioned, maybe hipster, even, is a little notebook. A REAL notebook, not a digital one. Some little blank agenda where you can write everything that comes through your mind, which you can have inside your pocket, and usually requires less space than an smartphone.

Why this? let me explain 🙂

Since digital cameras first appearence, people has gotten the habit of taking loads of useless photos, which will be seen … maybe once, maybe twice, and most of them will be forgotten afterwards.

Nowadays people takes photos, puts them on facebook/twitter/other-social-media-web basically starving from some attention from those who can spend some time on it, and maybe put a simple “like” on it, or a tiny comment, expressing … nothing really. The point is: most of those photos will never be seen again, because of the simple fact that by the time you would look at them again, there will be tons more on the net! You simply don’t have time to look at all of them.

It’s not a bad thing, as I usually say, it just depends on what use you make of it.

Back to my point. Last December, I went with some friends to visit another one, 600km away (500miles), and we decided to write every interesting thing that happened during this time we were out, down in a little notebook. Well then, we filled it up, and now we have a proof of what we did, when we did it, and how it went, without having to take tons of useless photos!

Of course we took some photos, too! but that’s not the point!

Many times, when you’re just doing random stuff, and a great idea comes to you mind, it might be good to write it down somewhere, instead of letting it go, and vanish into nothing.

Notebooks are usefull, that’s it 🙂 since they distinguish themselves from the digital world, where information can be provided in such quantity that it tends to lose it’s own importance.

Some brief point on what old-fashioned stuff should be saved from the new digital globalisation 🙂


Virtual Reality

Lately I’ve been reading tons of literature (and manga 😛 ) talking about Virtual Reality…

if you deeply think about it, it’s just such an incredible theme to talk about! the oportunity to create a parallel world, where everything can be done… people may then tend to forget about the real one, which may ultimately fall into oblivion… well, conspirationists said this is what was gonna happen with the internet at the middle 90’s, and they where just half wrong! 🙂

To fully interact with one’s mind , in order to fully manipulate our sensations, and move our reality (in fact, what we feel as reality is nothing more, nothing else, that what we feel via our sensitive nerves) into a complete different dimension, where you can have political issues discussed, massive conferences, hunt dragons, and even have your little virtual farm, close where people starving can be saved by liking them! 🙂

whatever, I found today a book worth reading, at least that’s my opinion after reading less than 20 pages of it! It’s called: Ready Player One

I’m quite sure Virtual Reality will give lot’s to talk about on the following years, hope we can have something real about it to talk about soon!

Keep pushing!