Valentine’s Day

Historically, Valentine’s day has had deep connections with love since the 14th century. Nowadays, it’s used to commemorate the love from a couple via poems, chocolate or little gifts.

Reading The Name of the Wind, you learn that you can get a girl’s heart with a combination of 7 words, which changes from one person to the other, and it’s not the same at every situation. Knowing this, I said to myself: “hey! why not creating a poem, made of 7 verses, with 7 words each?” And so I did.

I made it for one gorgeous girl in particular, the one who trully has my heart, yet it’d be nice for other people to make use of it, since it would mean they approve it 🙂

Here it goes:


Ever since the first day we met

We know we’re bound to be together

As if we were born as one

Just like the flower needs the river

That I need you by my side

Wish someday your warmth’ll bless my dreams

Since I love you, my dear Valentine


Enjoy the day!