Curious “irony” inside martial arts

At the point where a fight gets started are you find yourself inside it, you can be in 3 different states of mind: nothingness, perception or alert.

If you’re in an empty state of mind, where you absolutely don’t percieve the agression comming, you can either have a good or bad reaction, which will be given by your training or inner hability to solve the situation. Since you didn’t notice any sign of the attack, you totally depend on your body: as fast as your body can adapt to the situation, as good your reaction will be. Only by training you can polish this reaction and optimize it to an utmost perfection.

A second state would be when you notice an agression coming, your saki advises you right on the moment it’s getting done, so you have a milisecond to react, time your mind can use to create an intuitive response to the outer stimule, defending efficiently from the incoming attack without elaborating an ordenate response (technique) but an intuitive one.

The third state is that where you can predict the incoming attack, with time enough to prepare your mind for it, and elaborate a complete technique to nulify it.


Ironically, while training, you first polish the technique, and by doing so, little by little, your whole being, body and mind, become more accustomed to sense the surroundings, to react at the minimal impulse, and allows you to further develop the first and second situations, where you need to react without the usage of your mind.



Let’s see folks:

there are two kinds of people in this world: epic ones, and the rest.

you may think you are among the epic ones, but you’re probably not. Not to blame, it’s hard to get into this category.

How can you distinguish those who walk along the most epic of the epic? how can you distinguish those who leave a stomp in history? how can you know, as fast as you feel them, that you’re standing among an abnormal human being, way superior to you?

There a simple threat, a glimpse, that will tell you awesomeness is in there.

The epic god is walking the Earth in front of you.

Probably just once in a lifetime you may be able to see it: keep it in your mind.

1st: suit: awesomeness is nothing without a suit.

2nd: attitude: he/she knows he/she is epic, and so even the air they breath is epic.

3rd: cow suitcase.

nothing is more epic than a cow case.

hard to find, harder to see. Not many people are brave enough to buy one of those and walk straight on the street.

Cow Suitcase.

that’s where epicness comes from.

in fact, if you change some letters, you’ll see a direct relation between awesome and cow-suit-case (just push your obviously not-epic brain a little)


if you ever see a wielder and not bow, be careful, you’re standing in front of a living god and not paying respect.

Trumpets, please!

Nowadays music, generally can be consider a great load of shit.

Nothing new is invented anymore, artists aren’t famous (always generally speaking) by their quality as artists, it doesn’t matter if you have some great voice, since they’re gonna modify it anyway.

Many famous songs are entirely done with a computer…

Doing this you’re simply killing the essence of such a beautiful art as it’s the music.

There’s a song that can be widely heard on the radio this week (and probably many more), not because of it’s quality, but ’cause of the name of the one who has done it: Jason Derulo.

The song is called “Trumpets“… and it’s really a spit on the name of music itself.

If you read the lyric, it’s still beautiful (it bases the body of a woman as a simple object, but that’s nearly a topic, so we’re not gonna make a point on it)

“”Every time that you get undressed
I hear symphonies in my head
I wrote this song just looking at you oh, oh””

the problem comes with the melody: lyric and rythm don’t match. And the solution is… cutting words! =D of course! how could we not think about that earlier?? if you have a word way too long to be fitted on a single phrase… instead of changing it… just cut it! easiness first.

And so, the new lyric does:

“”Every time – that you get undressed
I hear sym – phonies in my head
I wrote this song – just looking at you oh, oh””

Come on people! it’s not that hard to do great music! and it doesn’t necessary be from a single style! just check: classic, hiphop, rock, metal, reggae, there are many!! use your head and think less about easy money! you’re just making humanity worse that it already is!

Alpaca dream

This past night I dreamed I was an alpaca.

With my alpaca stomach empty, I went to the countryside, to eat some grass during a good while.

6 hours later, dead tired (it’s quite hard to eat grass, even if your teeth are specially designed for it!) I went back to my alpaca bed, and made a fluffy fall on it (since I was an alpaca, the falling was kinda fluffy, so no damage)

and I woke up, feeling quite tired. That’s it.

Now some know-it-all might say: hey, if you dream of being al alpaca, it means that you feel fat, or that it’s already time for you to start spitting on those you don’t like.

You know? I’d really like to spit onto these kind of guys face, alpaca-style! What the hell do they know about why I dream what I dream? come on!

That’s it 🙂

Nuclear Fusion, achievement unlocked

A team of scientists in California announced they are one step closer to developing the almost mythical pollution-free, controlled fusion-energy reaction, though the goal of full “ignition” is still far off.

Researchers at the federally-funded Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory revealed in a study in the peer-reviewed journal Nature that, for the first time, one of their experiments has yielded more energy out of fusion than was used in the fuel that created the reaction.

In a 10-story building the size of three football fields, the Livermore scientists “used 192 lasers to compress a pellet of fuel and generate a reaction in which more energy came out of the fuel core than went into it,” wrote the Washington Post. “Ignition” would mean more energy was produced than was used in the entire process.

“We’re closer than anyone’s gotten before,” said Omar Hurricane, a physicist at Livermore and lead author of the study. “It does show there’s promise.”

The process ultimately mimics the processes in the core of a star inside the laboratory’s hardware. Nuclear fusion, which is how the sun is heated, creates energy when atomic nuclei (hydrogen basically) fuse and form a larger atom (helium, in the case of the sun).

“This isn’t like building a bridge,” Hurricane told USA Today in an interview. “This is an exceedingly hard problem. You’re basically trying to produce a star, on a small scale, here on Earth.”

A fusion reactor would operate on a common form of hydrogen found in sea water and create minimal nuclear waste while not being nearly as volatile as a traditional nuclear-fission reactor. Fission, used in nuclear power plants, works by splitting atoms (uranium) and creating a large number of residues, which are sealed afterwards in nuclear graveyards.

Hurricane said he does not know how long it will take to reach that point, where fusion is a viable energy source.

“Picture yourself halfway up a mountain, but the mountain is covered in clouds,” he told reporters on a conference call Wednesday. “And then someone calls you on your satellite phone and asks you, ‘How long is it going to take you to climb to the top of the mountain?’ You just don’t know.”

The beams of the 192 lasers Livermore used can pinpoint extreme amounts of energy in billionth-of-a-second pulses on any target. Hurricane said the energy produced by the process was about twice the amount that was in the fuel of the plastic-capsule target. Though the amount of energy yielded equaled only around 1 percent of energy delivered by the lasers to the capsule to ignite the process.

“When briefly compressed by the laser pulses, the isotopes fused, generating new particles and heating up the fuel further and generating still more nuclear reactions, particles and heat,” wrote the Washington Post, adding that the feedback mechanism is known as “alpha heating.”

Debbie Callahan, co-author of the study, said the capsule had to be compressed 35 times to start the reaction, “akin to compressing a basketball to the size of a pea,” according to USA Today.

While applauding the Livermore team’s findings, fusion experts added researchers have “a factor of about 100 to go.”

“These results are still a long way from ignition, but they represent a significant step forward in fusion research,” said Mark Herrmann of the Sandia National Laboratories’ Pulsed Power Sciences Center. “Achieving pressures this large, even for vanishingly short times, is no easy task.”

Long-pursued by scientists dating back to Albert Einstein, fusion energy does not emit greenhouse gases or leave behind radioactive waste. Since the 1940s, researchers have employed magnetic fields to contain high-temperature hydrogen fuel. Laser use began in the 1970s.

“We have waited 60 years to get close to controlled fusion,” said, Steve Cowley, of the United Kingdom’s Culham Center for Fusion Energy. He added scientists are “now close” with both magnets and lasers. “We must keep at it.”

“In 30 years, we’ll have electricity on the grid produced by fusion energy – absolutely,” Prager said. “I think the open questions now are how complicated a system will it be, how expensive it will be, how economically attractive it will be.”

Valentine’s Day

Historically, Valentine’s day has had deep connections with love since the 14th century. Nowadays, it’s used to commemorate the love from a couple via poems, chocolate or little gifts.

Reading The Name of the Wind, you learn that you can get a girl’s heart with a combination of 7 words, which changes from one person to the other, and it’s not the same at every situation. Knowing this, I said to myself: “hey! why not creating a poem, made of 7 verses, with 7 words each?” And so I did.

I made it for one gorgeous girl in particular, the one who trully has my heart, yet it’d be nice for other people to make use of it, since it would mean they approve it 🙂

Here it goes:


Ever since the first day we met

We know we’re bound to be together

As if we were born as one

Just like the flower needs the river

That I need you by my side

Wish someday your warmth’ll bless my dreams

Since I love you, my dear Valentine


Enjoy the day!

Maybe abandoned, maybe forgotten

Nowadays technology advances way faster than we can predict, imagine or follow, which makes us forget some little things that may still be useful nowadays, even have smartphones, high-speed internet, all of our information on the cloud, etc

One of the things I find useful, maybe oldfashioned, maybe hipster, even, is a little notebook. A REAL notebook, not a digital one. Some little blank agenda where you can write everything that comes through your mind, which you can have inside your pocket, and usually requires less space than an smartphone.

Why this? let me explain 🙂

Since digital cameras first appearence, people has gotten the habit of taking loads of useless photos, which will be seen … maybe once, maybe twice, and most of them will be forgotten afterwards.

Nowadays people takes photos, puts them on facebook/twitter/other-social-media-web basically starving from some attention from those who can spend some time on it, and maybe put a simple “like” on it, or a tiny comment, expressing … nothing really. The point is: most of those photos will never be seen again, because of the simple fact that by the time you would look at them again, there will be tons more on the net! You simply don’t have time to look at all of them.

It’s not a bad thing, as I usually say, it just depends on what use you make of it.

Back to my point. Last December, I went with some friends to visit another one, 600km away (500miles), and we decided to write every interesting thing that happened during this time we were out, down in a little notebook. Well then, we filled it up, and now we have a proof of what we did, when we did it, and how it went, without having to take tons of useless photos!

Of course we took some photos, too! but that’s not the point!

Many times, when you’re just doing random stuff, and a great idea comes to you mind, it might be good to write it down somewhere, instead of letting it go, and vanish into nothing.

Notebooks are usefull, that’s it 🙂 since they distinguish themselves from the digital world, where information can be provided in such quantity that it tends to lose it’s own importance.

Some brief point on what old-fashioned stuff should be saved from the new digital globalisation 🙂