Science & facts vs faith

There are a bunch of concepts I want to put into words, but since it’s not an easy thing to do, I’ll ask for forgiveness before getting started.

Descartes, around the 1625, developed the hyperbolical/metaphysical doubt method, also referred to as methodological skepticism, which is based on the rejection of any concept that can’t be irrefutably proven, creating, this way, a well-funded knowledge.

Science nowadays has been based on this theory: if any theorem created can be experimentally disproven, it’s authomatically wrong. At the same time, no being proved wrong doesn’t mean it’s absolutely right, it’s just means we’ll consider it temporary right.

many scientist nowadays, though, think that whatever can’t be explained by science doesn’t exist, or it’s basically fiction or a lie. This is, in my opinion, a wrong point of view.

Same goes for those who accept eyes-closed completely impossible theories that can explain everything, no matter how inconsistent it is (*ehem* 90% of the religions).

Between those 2 paths, there’s a middle one, which I would like to explain:

Imagine we have a proof of something, but science can’t explain it. Just to clarify: it has to be a REAL proof, not something some unknown person dead 1500 years ago wrote on a book, since if we could take this as a proof, in 1500 years people would gladily belive dragons existed on earth, and basically we humans are alive thanks to a little hobbit aided by an elf, a dwarf, a mage and the king of Gondor… absurd right? tell this to the majority of mankind.

Back to my point. For anyone that has meaningly deepened the world of science, there’s a limit. There’s a top, ahead of which we don’t know absolutely anything, basically because we haven’t reached that point YET. And this limit it’s not as far as many people might think, in fact, it’s pretty close to the everyday world. It’s true we can create magnificient devices that allow us to be connected with each other 24/7, but at the same time we’re unable to reproduce the movement of 4 particles anallitically, or know precisely what the weather will be tomorrow.

Now to my example: CHI  (sometimes referred to as Ki, Qi,…)

I’ve been practicing martial arts for a good while now, and I’ve felt, and used, and practiced the chi. Yeah, it’s a real thing. And as a physicist I can’t ensure it can’t be explained by modern physics.

Obviously, chi is not a matter of spiritual energies flowing across the universe through your body to enlighten anything. Nor it’s your spirit, nurtured by years of meditation connecting two worlds. It’s just a matter of classical mechanics. The problem is, the human body is way too complex for this to be explain easily by the formulas we’ve known till now.

Since it’s not possible for this to be explained by modern physics, it needs a name, and Chi is just fine. I don’t belive in spiritual worlds connecting with us, or weird energies flowing through our bodies, same as I don’t belive that some superior being controlls my existence, though I know for sure science hasn’t reached it’s limit, in fact, we barely know a thing about our Universe, hence, if someone comes up with a theory for something that still hasn’t been proved, why looking for a new name, if there’s already one?

Everyone knows how it is to be in the white part or the black one, but interesting things always happen in between 😉

a last image that made me laugh today 😉

Remember that there are way too many religions in this world, and at most only one can be true. Considering this, what’s the probability that yours is the correct one? and what’s the probability that none of them are?


Virtual Reality

Lately I’ve been reading tons of literature (and manga 😛 ) talking about Virtual Reality…

if you deeply think about it, it’s just such an incredible theme to talk about! the oportunity to create a parallel world, where everything can be done… people may then tend to forget about the real one, which may ultimately fall into oblivion… well, conspirationists said this is what was gonna happen with the internet at the middle 90’s, and they where just half wrong! 🙂

To fully interact with one’s mind , in order to fully manipulate our sensations, and move our reality (in fact, what we feel as reality is nothing more, nothing else, that what we feel via our sensitive nerves) into a complete different dimension, where you can have political issues discussed, massive conferences, hunt dragons, and even have your little virtual farm, close where people starving can be saved by liking them! 🙂

whatever, I found today a book worth reading, at least that’s my opinion after reading less than 20 pages of it! It’s called: Ready Player One

I’m quite sure Virtual Reality will give lot’s to talk about on the following years, hope we can have something real about it to talk about soon!

Keep pushing!

After hours of hard studying…

Today, shall I confess, has been one of the days I’ve devoted myself more to study. Same as yesterday. Still don’t know why, but also those two last days I’ve been sleeping much less than usuall, because of unrelated stuff.

To clarify, I’m at my 4th year of physics degree, which means hard-as-hell subjects with tiny passing probabilities. Even though, after some long 48h of nearly continued studying, my head feels unable to keep it on. Can’t understand why.

Not that my will has fallen or anything like that, it’s just that I’m absolutely unable to continue stuying, every time I try, my mind just stops working, till I decide to wander around doing something that does not imply specific thinking.

Also, an outsanding sensation of not having achieved a single thing in those last 2 days keeps orbiting around my head, and saying: “48 hours of your life lost… you should be doing something less stressing…. like playing video games for the rest of your miserable life…” of course, I won’t fall for temptation till I end my exams, but the thought is still there, wandering around.

Well, that’s what I wanted to say, that a tired head is just unable to work properly when you demand it.


Gonna eat something and retry my efforts to put this tired system into hardworking mode again 🙂

First thought, about religion

I’ve always felt religion was one of the most outstanding topics of conversation, only comparable to sex. I mean, you can talk about religion with anyone, as much as you like to! since no-one knows what’s waiting for after the grave, we can keep on speculating for hours and hours, and we can even put into the discussion some histoycal data… yeah exatly like talking about sex.

Across the centuries, humans have wandered what’s in the afterlife? some speculate an everlasting extension of fiery lava will burn you for the rest of your days… some others think we’ll be reborn to a new body, with a new life, proportionaly to what we’ve lived the last one… others feel more optimistic, and ensure a huge lot of virgin young girls will be awaiting for our arrival and will accompany us for eternity….

Obviously, those arer all speculations, since NO-ONE knows what’s after.

Then someone could say: hey! but if really no one knows, how can there be so many people who ensure that, and even write books which tell stuff about what some gods say, pray to those gods, preach them and offer sacrifices (depending on the epoque, obviously)…?  Well… without wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, I deeply think so magnificient minds invented the most sold books in the history of mankind, and expanded their religion making use of humans fear of what’s next.

But being invented doesn’t mean unneeded!!

We humans have a deep need of someone with no insecurity traces to tell us, with an ensuring tone, that we don’t have to worry about anything, that there’s something waiting for us, that everything is gonna be alright and stuff.  We really need this, that’s why I don’t feel like those great inventors were bad guys, in fact, they were some of the greatest minds the world has given birth to! since they just manage to take away some of the mind weight everyone has about this creepy subject that is the afterlife.

And going back to my point: necessary for mankind doesn’t mean true, in fact, I feel rather weird that some omnipotent minds can be playing with our destinies like they’re nothing…

Everybody’s free to think whatever they want to about this. I mean, I won’t go berserk over anyone who basically thinks different than me, ’cause if that was the case, I should probably errardicate most of the human race, and that’s a huge load of work, and no body has time for that!

My main point is: I don’t really care what anybody belives in, as long as he / she / it (just in case) behave ‘s in harmony with the rest without disturbing the peace that we’re always trying to find, and as long as those belifs aren’t better than mine “just because someone said it over somewhere”, it trully pisses me off to hear those things.

Since no-one really knows what’s after, it’s useless to try to impose your thoughts or belifs over somebody else. The only thing we’re permited to do is to compare our viewpoints one with each other, without necessary conflict or enmity between us.

Well that’s something nice for a first thought, see ya! 🙂

PD: About what I think… I belive in science, not in any existing god, and I trully belive once I die, there’s nothing after, and I don’t really care where will my consciousness go, I’ll simply find out then 🙂