Trumpets, please!

Nowadays music, generally can be consider a great load of shit.

Nothing new is invented anymore, artists aren’t famous (always generally speaking) by their quality as artists, it doesn’t matter if you have some great voice, since they’re gonna modify it anyway.

Many famous songs are entirely done with a computer…

Doing this you’re simply killing the essence of such a beautiful art as it’s the music.

There’s a song that can be widely heard on the radio this week (and probably many more), not because of it’s quality, but ’cause of the name of the one who has done it: Jason Derulo.

The song is called “Trumpets“… and it’s really a spit on the name of music itself.

If you read the lyric, it’s still beautiful (it bases the body of a woman as a simple object, but that’s nearly a topic, so we’re not gonna make a point on it)

“”Every time that you get undressed
I hear symphonies in my head
I wrote this song just looking at you oh, oh””

the problem comes with the melody: lyric and rythm don’t match. And the solution is… cutting words! =D of course! how could we not think about that earlier?? if you have a word way too long to be fitted on a single phrase… instead of changing it… just cut it! easiness first.

And so, the new lyric does:

“”Every time – that you get undressed
I hear sym – phonies in my head
I wrote this song – just looking at you oh, oh””

Come on people! it’s not that hard to do great music! and it doesn’t necessary be from a single style! just check: classic, hiphop, rock, metal, reggae, there are many!! use your head and think less about easy money! you’re just making humanity worse that it already is!