Let’s see folks:

there are two kinds of people in this world: epic ones, and the rest.

you may think you are among the epic ones, but you’re probably not. Not to blame, it’s hard to get into this category.

How can you distinguish those who walk along the most epic of the epic? how can you distinguish those who leave a stomp in history? how can you know, as fast as you feel them, that you’re standing among an abnormal human being, way superior to you?

There a simple threat, a glimpse, that will tell you awesomeness is in there.

The epic god is walking the Earth in front of you.

Probably just once in a lifetime you may be able to see it: keep it in your mind.

1st: suit: awesomeness is nothing without a suit.

2nd: attitude: he/she knows he/she is epic, and so even the air they breath is epic.

3rd: cow suitcase.

nothing is more epic than a cow case.

hard to find, harder to see. Not many people are brave enough to buy one of those and walk straight on the street.

Cow Suitcase.

that’s where epicness comes from.

in fact, if you change some letters, you’ll see a direct relation between awesome and cow-suit-case (just push your obviously not-epic brain a little)


if you ever see a wielder and not bow, be careful, you’re standing in front of a living god and not paying respect.